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Customized Sealer

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Sealing products will make them last longer and give them an elegant appearance. Sealer films are also more environmentally friendly than traditional lids. You will also have a lower storage cost. One roll of sealer can seal 2000-3000 cups. This is a significant improvement on traditional lids. Your sealer film can also be customized with your logo to help promote and grow your brand. Plastic Sealer Films are available in many sizes, styles, and materials. We offer PP Plastic, PE Plastic and PET-ES Plastic as well as Aluminum Foil, PP Plastic and Paper Films in clear and custom prints. Free Design Service: Get help from our designers to create your brand identity. Custom Printing: We have a unique printing process that will make your artwork look fresh and clean. Food-grade inks are used to print. You can order the product, or contact us with questions by calling us, emailing us or using the chat button at the bottom right. We would love to talk with you about design, sizing and other details. It is important that your sealing film is compatible with the container or cup you are sealing. A film such as PP won't stick to PP cups, while PET-ES will stick to most cups, including PLA Cups. DIE CUT ALUMINUMSEAL WITH TAB/ALUMINUMSEAL Plastic lids made from PET can be used as an alternative to aluminum lids. Because the plastic surface of PET is white, it is possible to print better and have better colour definition. Clear or transparent PET can be used with heat-seal lacquer to allow the consumer to easily see the product. This makes it an extremely versatile material. The lid is made of metallised polyester (METPET), which has a metallic finish and better barrier properties. PET lids are easier to transport, more durable and don't tear easily when removed. They are highly puncture resistant, which reduces the chance of product leakage and product return. Plastic die-cut lids allow for "end of line" metal detection which is vital for food production and testing. PP Sealing Films PP Sealing Films are made from PP Plastic. They are intended to be used only with PP containers. They are strong and cannot be removed. This is the most popular type of film, and it is often used with 95mm PP cups. PET-ES Sealing Films Our most versatile PET-ES Sealing Films can be used with most containers. It can be used with PP Plastic and PET Plastic as well as Paper, Styrofoam, PET Plastic, PET Plastic, and most PLA containers. Paper Sealing Films They are replacing plastic sealer film and becoming more popular. Our paper films are waterproof because they are coated with PE plastic. Paper films can be used with both PP and PE Paper Cups. Paper cups typically measure 90mm in diameter so either a 90mm sealer or a 95mm sealer will be required with a 90mm adapter band.
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