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Nitrogen Sealer

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NITROGEN FLUSH - KEEPING FAVORITE Snacks FRESH and CRISPY Although nitrogen flushing is a crucial part of the preservation of many favorite foods like potato chips and other snacks, most people have never heard of it. We want to change that. This Union Kitchen resource guide will explain the science, history, and application nitrogen flush in packaged foods. You will be able to understand the secrets behind the preservation of your favorite packaged snack by the end. Let's start by explaining what a nitrogen flush is. A nitrogen flush is the use of nitrogen gas to remove oxygen in food packaging and increase its shelf life. Nitrogen is the heavier gas so it sinks to bottom and pushes out oxygen. It is similar to putting a stone into a cup of boiling water. The water will then spill out. This is crucial because oxygen can cause food decay and create an environment that allows bacteria and fungi thrive. How do you successfully flush nitrogen? Place your food in the appropriate packaging. It's easy enough. The next step is to use a sealer that has been specifically designed to remove air from packaging. The machine will then quickly replace the oxygen with nitrogen. This not only replaces the decay-causing oxygen, but also provides a cushion for fragile foods. Feel the air in a bag full of chips. This is the protective layer made of nitrogen. It is important for transport as food could break or be crushed if it is not. This is why snack and food companies such as PepsiCo use this method so often.
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