Reasonable planning
Reasonable planning

1. Reasonable planning: Compared with ordinary powder packaging machines, the equipment can not only seal and package powder products, but also actively finish product measurement and print product information such as production batch number, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes, the parameters of the whole machine can run stably and the button switch can be operated clearly.

2. Wide applicable standard: the equipment is packed with different standard powder products of 5 g-100 g. If other standard sizes are required, the load-bearing parts should be added and assembled on the basis of standard machines, and set on the high-definition touch operation screen according to specific parameters.

3. Choose double independent weighing hopper weight: it has strong anti-interference ability and is not easily influenced by the outside world, and the feeder can adjust itself according to the specific gravity of the material during work: it has high precision and high speed.

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